South East Asia

    Koh Hah Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Very nice place for snorkeling. Scuba divers may encounter leopard sharks and stingrays near sandy areas, and if you are lucky some sea snakes... not agressive but take care :)

    Koh Kra Koh Samui, Thailand

    Koh Kra and the two hoals on its south side (High Rock and BOat Rock) offers a great dive site. Due to the distance to other dive location, this site is very quiet! But exceptional.

    Koh Kraden Wreck Koh Lanta, Thailand

    Japanese destroyer sunk by air attack in 1944.

    Koh Lak Ngam Chumphon, Thailand

    Twin pinnacles with batfish, jacks... Take care of nets!

    Koh Ma Koh Samui, Thailand

    During low tide it is possible to walk to the island via a long sandbar.

    Koh Mai Si Lek Koh Chang, Thailand

    Very good marine life, especially small creatures for macro-photographers.

    Koh Man Wichai Pattaya, Thailand

    Great dive on Pattaya far islands - quiet & lightly dived. Nice wall at 10 -12m.
    Puffer fish

    Koh Man Wichai Pattaya, Thailand

    Great dive on Pattaya far islands - quiet & lightly dived. Nice wall at 10 -12m.
    Un Pez Globo

    Koh Man Wichai Pattaya, Thailand

    Great dive on Pattaya far islands - quiet & lightly dived. Nice wall at 10 -12m.

    Koh Ngai Koh Lanta, Thailand

    Nurse Sharks, Leopard sharks.

    Koh Ngam Noi Chumphon, Thailand


    Koh Ngam Yai Chumphon, Thailand

    Nice coral garden with groupers, jacks and turtles.

    Koh Ran Chumphon, Thailand

    Koh Ran Gai Chumphon, Thailand

    The pinnacle has a nice swimthrough with a lot of marine life.

    Koh Talu Chumphon, Thailand

    Very popular dive site. A small cave is at the north point; and a coral garden within 6m is ideal for snorkelers.

    Koh Wai Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    Kon-Tiki Cebu, Philippines

    Very nive corals at 10m deep. Wall is great. For all divers. Biodiversity is great! Watchout for Frogfish, Mandarin fish, Ghostpipe fish, Blue ring octo etc.

    Kongs Reef Roxas, Philippines

    Kyokuzan Maru Coron Island, Philippines

    This Japanese freighter measures about 152 m long and lies almost upright at an average 30m depth; she provides a beautiful wreck dive experience. In excellent condition, this huge sunken ship usually has about 20 metres visibility and ideal diving conditions. In the cargo rooms hold Japanese cars…

    Laha Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    Laha / Twilight zone is a muck diving site in the bay of Ambon, Indonesia.The site offers a wide range of macro creatures, frog fish, some bat fish, many moray eels and a shoal of scatfish.Since this site is under some piers where fishing boats are loaded and unloaded it can get very load under…

    Langkayan Wreck Pulau Lankayan, Malaysia

    Largahan Negros, Philippines

    Laurel Islands Boracay, Philippines

    Big Laurel and Small Laurel are two separate dive sites which are very similar and quite close to each other. Big Laurel has a tunnel swim-through (8m wide) filled with soft corals and nudibranchs. Both Laurels are sloping walls with healthy corals and prolific fish life.

    Layag-Layag Anilao and Batangas, Philippines

    Pelagics, Nice corals. This dive site is known cos you have good chances to meet the spanish dancer seaslug.

    Lekuan I Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical winding walls with cracks and canyons on it. Thre's often strong currents, so it usually is a good drift dive. It's shelteref from waves. Along this wall is easy to find many huge schools of plankton feeders: fusilliers, butterfly fishes, banner fishes and damsel fishes. The corals in this…

    Lekuan II Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Continuation of Lekuan I:same vertical winding walls with cracks and canyons on it. Thre's often strong currents (beware: some of them are downward currents!!), so it usually is a good drift dive. In this side of the wall it's easy to find angelfishes, red tooth trigger fish, and a school of black…

    Lekuan III Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    It continues the wall, but in this side there are some caves and a sandy bottom. Here it's easy to encounter black tips and white tip reef sharks, as well as barracudas, napoleon wrasse and turtles.

    Lighthouse Siquijor, Philippines

    Lighthouse Cabilao, Philippines

    Wall down to 25m, then a plateau at 30m, followed by another wall. Strong currents possible. In winter (Dec. to April) hammerheads and white-tipped reefsharks are possible. In summer they are sometimes seen in deeper areas. Barracuda and jackfish schools. The diveguides find all kinds of strange…

    Lighthouse Reef Sangalaki, Indonesia

    A cool dive compared to other drift dives of the reef! Nice marine sea life; good for snorkeling. And close to the main dive site to see mantas!

    Ligid Caves Davao, Philippines

    Very nice caves including black corals. Some sharks may be seen around.

    Liloan Sogod Bay Leyte, Philippines

    This is a very good place to see whalesharks, manta rays, dolphins and of course common sharks.
    lipah bay

    Lipah Bay Amed, Indonesia

    A wreck between 6 and 10 m deep. The best area is after the wreck between 15 and 30 m deep: Soft corals, gorgonians, staghorn corals etc.

    Lobster lairs Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

    Nice dive with lots of cracks with lobsters. Sharks and mantas are living inhabitants of this part of the reef.

    Lobster Rock Panay, Philippines

    Nudy in the wall

    Lobster Wall Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Nice wall with a cave full of lobsters. Same inhabitants than the other dive sites.

    Lohsamah Bay Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    This is a great dive site for night dives (sandy bottom, and pinnacles); or as second dive after Ko Bida Nok. There is also a canyon on the eastern side of the rock near 18m deep, with seafans.

    Looc Bohol, Philippines

    Nice wall and sandy plateau. Numerous varieties of hard and soft corals, invertebrates...

    Luca Sanctuary Negros, Philippines

    Lucyís Reef Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Leopard Sharks are spotted here on occasions.