South East Asia

    Dolphin House Cebu, Philippines


    Donald Duck Bay Koh Similan, Thailand

    This picturesque bay, with it's beautiful white beach backed by rock formations and dense vegetation, is a popular anchorage for live-aboards. The site is known by several names including Shoe Bay (Ao Guakin Thai), or Campbell's Bay, and the eastern side of the bay (The Boulders) is the most…

    Koh Kron Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    Koh Kron is a small uninhabited island 2 hrs away from the mainland. The best diving around this island is to the west and south.

    Dona Marilyn Wreck Malapascua, Philippines

    The Dona Marilyn was a Cebu-Manila passenger ferry that sank in a typhoon over 20 years ago. It was a huge disaster and many people lost their lives. The wreck is around 100m long, and now lying on its starboard side, amazingly still all in one piece. Long lost fishing nets encrusted in coral are…

    Dumunpalit Island Busuanga Island, Philippines

    Great site with pink soft corals from the shore to 25m deep. Pelagic species can be found along the slope.No accomadations exist on this island except for the guards that live there.However, if divers wish to camp on the island overnight, they may submit a request.Rate for camping is $55 per night…

    Dunlop Corner Pulau Tiga, Malaysia


    East of Eden Koh Similan, Thailand

    Also known as Morning Edge, this site borders the easternmost point of the Koh Payu island for a few hundred meters, and is probably one of the most spectacular sites within the Similans. Despite it's relatively compact size, it offers very beautiful underwater scenery, with an excellent blend of…

    Eastern Shallows Koh Similan, Thailand

    Very nice corals.

    Eel Garden Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Blue ribbon eels, mantis shrimps, batfish...

    Eel Garden Menjangan island, Indonesia

    You can do a slow drift dive along the western reef (starting from north and ending at eel garden).

    Eel Ridge Sangalaki, Indonesia

    Cool place for Macro photography and night diving! Giant clams, cuttlefish and lots of critters.

    Eldorado Housereef Negros, Philippines


    Elephant's Head Rock Koh Similan, Thailand

    Named after the rock that sits out of the water and, to the imaginativemind, resembles an elephant cranium, this is another Similan divesite where the stunning topography is the chief feature. It is quite an extensive site and features huge granite rocks, clad with thorough growths of hard corals,…

    Emerald bay Tulamben, Indonesia

    A Toyota wreck and a lot of japaneese divers and snorklers.

    Ental Point Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Good place to meet pelagics, including Molas.

    Explosion Reef Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    Explosion Reef is located in the area of Koh Tang. Koh Tang is an uninhabited island located 4-5 hours away from Sihanoukville.Its formation is mainly rocky, with a couple of sandy beaches. The island being so remote, makes it an excellent dive place.The Explosion Reef runs between Koh Tang and a…

    Fallen tree Cabilao, Philippines

    Nice wall with gorgonian sea fans and black corals. Sometime you can see turtles here... If your lucky you will see the school of Big eye jacks and Barracuda in one dive. If the current picke up, you wil see Tunas, Mackerel and lots of snappers.

    Fantasea Reef Koh Similan, Thailand

    This dive rates as one of the best in the Similans, and lies about 150m off the North West coast. A series of massive granite boulders, at depths of 10m to 30m, provide numerous caves, arches and swim-throughs. Aside from the excellent gorgonians and sea fans and a host of critters, the abundant and…

    Fish Sanctuary Bohol, Philippines

    This is a protected marine site, with large jack shoals.

    Fukui Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Slope completely covered with foliose and branching hard corals. You can also find many giant barrel sponges and giant clams. Here there are many schooling fishes like spadefish, black snappers, black fin barracuda, trevally, sweet lips, large trigger fishes and garden eels on the bottom. Some claim…

    Gamat Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Toyapakeh strait current may be very strong sometimes; take care!

    Garden Eels Bohol, Philippines

    This is a steep wall rated as an easy dive. At a depth of only 8 meters this Bohol diving spot shows off fascinating nudi branches, wrasse, Groupers. At 25 meters it hits rock bottom where various remarkable eels, like sand and garden eels, flourish from the slope to the sandy sea floor. It is ideal…

    Gato Island - Houseguard reef Malapascua, Philippines

    Drop down to 24m to find the extremely rare pygmy seahorse, both pink and yellow as well as spider crabs and cowries. Then work your way back along a wall where you can find lionfish and many nudibranchs, including the beautiful spanish dancers, up to 30cm long. Painted frogfish are often in…

    Gato Island - The Wall Malapascua, Philippines

    Large boulders and a very nice small wall close to the island.

    Gato Island - West Malapascua, Philippines

    Pygmee seahorse, sea snakes, gorgonians and black corals... A very nice dive.

    Han's Reef Gili Air, Indonesia

    Hans Reef is located on the north tip of Gili Air, and consists of various sized bommies and rocky outcrops dispersed over a sandy slope. Hans reef is suitable for all diver levels. The variety of marine life ranges from Nudibranchs, Mantis Shrimp and Pipefish, to Frogfish, Scorpionfish and Moray…

    Gili Biaha Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    The south of the island has a great black wall; but take care of the swell & current! The eastern side of the island is really nice.

    Bounty Wreck Gili Meno, Indonesia

    The wreck is covered with soft coral and also harder coral ( Acropora Florida, Acropora Pormosa, Acropora Nobilis ). There is also a variety of fish, The depth is around 13-16 meter. Visibilty is always good here: around 20 meters. The fish families you can find here are Sweet Lips ( Haemulidae ),…

    Meno Slope Gili Meno, Indonesia

    A drift dive along Meno slope is usually quite a joy ride. You will drop into the channel between Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno and descend to the bottom of the sloping reef at 22m. The average depth for the rest of the dive will be 16m, so this site is perfect for all certification levels. Towards…

    Meno Wall Gili Meno, Indonesia

    This is a steeply sloping reef with a near-vertical top section. The reef drops to a sandy bottom at about 22m, and follows the contours of Gili Meno’s shore quite closely. Soft corals grow all along reef. There is a great deal of older, dead coral over which the soft forms have regrown,…

    Gili Tepekong - The Canyon Amuk Bay, Indonesia

    Coral Arks Gili Trawangan, Indonesia artificial reef was built by the intructor team of begin from the beach, few fins kicks you arrive on the 10*2m artificial reef, possibility to regrow and regeneration of coral? after you just follow the nice slope to the bottom of the channel, around 35m, with barrelled…

    Coral Fan Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

    This site got its name for its abundance of large, white-polyped Gorgonian fan-coral with bright-red skeletons. They grow on the big coral bommies of this sites shallow reeftop. You'll find other types of hard coral spread along the bottom at 5 to 7 meters, surrounded by lots of reef and tropical…

    Deep Turbo Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

    A huge dive site available to divers with deep dive experience. An abundance of large coral “bommies” or hills covered in soft and hard corals, Deep Turbo will interest divers as exploring the reef and its marine life makes for a fascinating dive. The majority of the dive is around 20-30…

    Manta Point Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

    Manta Point is generally an easy dive site, sometimes the current gives you a fine drift. The best season to see Mantas, is from March to May, though February and June also offer good possibilities to see them. Mantas can be seen sporadically year-round. 17 Mantas have been seen here at one time.The…

    Gili Air Wall Gili Air, Indonesia

    AirWall, to the west of Gili Air, is a very beautiful wallthat, due to the soft coral cover, shines yellow-orangedepending on the position of the sun. The highlight of thiswall is a coral block at 22m in which Leaf Fish (ScorpionFish) make their "home", surrounded by shrimps, Pipe Fish,White-banded…

    Sunset Reef Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

    This site is a gently sloping reef. A large portion of it is marked by giant steps of table Acropora coral, shelving off down the slope. There are isolated heads of hard coral and outcrops with good, even coverage of soft corals. The reef ends in a sandy bottom beyond about 20m and has a flat reef…

    Gimmon Place Negros, Philippines

    Ginama Point Negros, Philippines

    Gladden Corner Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    Usually can find reeffish such as sweetlips, snapper,butterflyfish. Bigfish like malabar grouper, blacktip shark, barracudas also Bumphead parrot fish. Unusual critter like ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorse and colorfush nudibranch.Coral reef is healthy and consist branching coral, massive and foliose…