South East Asia

    Bonnie's place Leyte, Philippines

    Boulder City Koh Similan, Thailand

    This site is a further 1.5km south east of neighbouring Shark Fin reef. Although part of the same underwater ridge as Shark Fin, the main dominant feature of Boulder City are the huge granite boulders providing interesting archways and swim-throughs. Depths from 12 - 35m. Visibility 18 - 25m. The…

    Bouranga Panay, Philippines

    Very nice wall dive

    Breakfast Bend Koh Similan, Thailand

    Bujong Shoal Leyte, Philippines

    The top of the shoal is approx 10m deep, then a nice wall on the southeast down to 45-50m.

    Bulias Shoal Camiguin, Philippines

    balck corals, manta rays (depending on season), barracudas, jacks...

    Bunaken Fukui Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    At this dive site you can practically always see a large group of mackerels and batfish but also sometimes barracudas and shark. Coral cover is not so nice, specially around the 5 giant tridacna shells (giant clams) it is badly broken, but it is still a very nice place to dive because of the large…

    Bunaken Timur 1 Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall in large steps with many cracks and small caves. Reef slightly damaged in some parts. It is a good area for snorkelling. Here you can find many soft coral and black coral, gorgonians and the typical reef fishes.

    Bunaken Timur 2 Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Continuation of the vertical wall in Bunaken Timur 1, with similar ecosystem.

    Bungalow Bay Koh Phuket, Thailand

     Bungalow Bay - right side of bay 1

    Bungalow Bay Koh Phuket, Thailand

     Bungalow Bay - right side of bay 2

    Bungalow Bay Koh Phuket, Thailand

     Bungalow Bay - right side of bay 3

    Bungalow Bay Koh Phuket, Thailand

    Buyuk Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    The best dive site of the North Nusa Penida dive sites. Great staghorn corals and pelagics.

    California Dreaming Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A stunning site. This is a seamount out from the island of Pulau Putus. Twin peaks with a rubble/sand flat in between, the shallows are good for giant Frogfish and Boxer Crabs and there is a busy cleaning station which offers much to see, including Leaf Scorpionfishes. The Coral slopes down on both…

    Cambaquiz Cabilao, Philippines

    This is a very nice dive just in front of the village. Wall down to 30m with a small cave. The sandy part in between the reefs is easy to find a double-ended and an ornate pipefish.

    Camia Wreck Boracay, Philippines

    The Camia is Boracay’s house wreck. It is a 30 metre-long cargo boat that was sank as a Fish Attraction Device in January 2001. It has since developed very nicely as an artificial reef. The residents now include a couple of huge red bass, some bluefin trevallies, scorpion fish and a school of…

    Canyons Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Extremely difficult and seldom dived.Best when there's a relatively light current from the N.Use more weight than normal.Enter 300m to the N of dive site in blue water, descending rapidly.The current is always strong here and will actually try to push you up the reef into shallower water and often…

    Cape Bira Bira, Indonesia

    Drop off in 25 m. Little coral growth due to strong currents at this site. There are usually white tips around, sometimes also Grey Reef Sharks. When the water is cold (July/August) there is also a chance to see hammerheads. This is no dive for beginners.

    Cape Kri Raja Ampat, Indonesia

    It's only 5 minutes away from the resort at the north-easterntip of the island. There are always strong currents at this spotand theusual bunch of predators is passing by or waiting in the blue.We sawduring every dive many dogtooth tunas, jacks, giant trevallies,barracudas,big napoleon wrasses and a…

    Capitancillo Island Cebu, Philippines

    Very nice wall running from 30m to 50m deep; with large gorgonian fans, puffer fishes and schools of fusiliers.

    Captain point Johor, Malaysia

    Classical drift dive with Mantas and eagle rays.

    Car Wreck Negros, Philippines

    A sandy place for looking at critters, sea horses, frog fishes and more

    Cathedral Cave Busuanga Island, Philippines

    The entrance is located north north-east of Calis Point on Coron Island where some overhanging cliffs lead to small grottoes and holes. Once you've found the big cave entrance you have to find the narrow tunnel in the bottom leading to the cathedral cave.This is an excellent diving excursion. You…

    Cathedral Rock Anilao and Batangas, Philippines

    Cathedral Rock is one of the most popular dive sites in the area. Approximately23 meters off Bagalangit Point lies a giant rock formation that looks like a roofless underwateramphitheatre. Originally barren, the Cathedral has been seeded with corals from other sites and now it is home to Moorish…

    Cathedral wall Bohol, Philippines

    Cave Point Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Overhang near 18m deep covered with soft corals and gorgonians.

    Cela Cela Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a vertical wall, with many cracks and crevices. Very sheltered from waves and currents. It makes it for a good night dive. Here you can find many different shapes of hard and soft corals as well as feather stars and the common reef fishes, like butterfly and parrotfish. Ocassionaly you can…

    Ceningan Channel Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Cervera Shoal Panglao, Philippines

    Cervera Shoal, is also known as "Snake Island" or "Spagetti Shoal". The shoal gets its name from the large number of balck-and-white-banded sea snakes that can be seen here. Don't expect to see corals here, but it does makes a nice dive, with a good change to see a sea snakes and large pelagic fish.…

    Channel Entrance Sangalaki, Indonesia


    Channel Steps Boracay, Philippines

    Strong tidal currents flow through the strait, taking divers on a joy ride through canyons and crevices. Coral growth here is very impressive and occasionally white tip sharks and trevallies are sighted. Great site for drift diving. Photography is not possible due to high current's velocity - images…

    Chapel Negros, Philippines

    Charlys Reef Palawan, Philippines

    Chocolate Island Malapascua, Philippines

    Chocolate Island is a beautiful shallow dive site and a macro photographer’s delight. The healthy soft coral is home to a large variety of life: sea snakes, snake eels, moray eels, cuttlefish (including flamboyants), seamoths (Pegasus), large crabs and juvenile batfish. Macro includes nudibranchs,…

    ChristmasPoint Koh Similan, Thailand

    This is a dive site which in many ways typifies Similan Islands scubadiving since it is dominated by the enormous granite boulders, archesand swim-throughs that make diving here unlike anywhere else. Using thewalls as substrate, soft corals and huge sea fans proliferate and act asthe backdrop to the…

    Climaco Cebu, Philippines


    Close Encounters Pemuteran, Indonesia

    Close Encounters, a long three-sided reef, of which two sides are very good for diving, while the third side of a large sandy slope exists. Two kilometers from the beach, the reef has steep slopes, resulting in a flat up top, which at its deepest point is 12 m and rises up to 3 to 4 m. The slope…

    Coco Grove Siquijor, Philippines

    Coconut Bohol, Philippines

    Don't miss the large schools of barracudas!