South East Asia

    Old Volcano Camiguin, Philippines

    Sharp pinnacles formed by the volcano lava. Great marine life including soft corals, Pygmy Seahorse, Ghost Pipefish, Batfish, Garden Eels, White tip Sharks, and Frogfish. Unexpected Manta & Eagle Rays!

    Olo Negros, Philippines

    Good corals. Sharks may be seen in deep water.

    Olympia Maru (former Tangat… Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in between the northern tip of Lusang Island and the island of Tangat, this originally thought japanese freight ship, 137m (449ft) long with 5.617 G.R.T, was sunk by the Americans in 1944. The reality is that nobody knows his origin, but it was supposedly built in Europe. The Olympia Maru is…

    Ormoc Shoal Cebu, Philippines

    Far from the common hotels. This sandy plateau has great corals (tubastrea coral, acropora, montipora and digitala).

    Oryoku Maru Subic Bay, Philippines

    The Oryoku Maru was a Japanese ship sunk by United States Navy fighter planes during World War II.Oryoku Maru left Manila on December 13, 1944, with moe than 1620, mostly American, prisoners of war (POWs) packed in the holds. US Navy planes from the USS Hornet attacked the unmarked ship, over the…
    padang pai

    Padangbai Blue Lagoon Padang Bai, Indonesia

    Blue lagoon Wall has many species of marine life and since it is not as famous as the wreck in Tumbilen on the northern part of the island there are not as many divers choosing this location, There are reef sharks to be seen and spotted rays, sea snakes lion fish and many types of soft and hard…

    Pak-1 wreck Pattaya, Thailand

    The Koho Maru-5 tanker sank first Aug 25, 1996, 50 kilometers west of Koh Chang. It was named Vertical wreck cos of its wired position (from 5m to 60m deep).Due to the danger of this wreck in shipping lanes, it was moved in 2003 by the Thai Navy. It's no longer a vertical wreck, and the viz is quite…

    Paliton Staghorn Siquijor, Philippines

    Nice coral structures.

    Paliton Wall Siquijor, Philippines

    Palong Wall Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Black Tip Reef sharks

    Pamilacan Island Pamilacan, Philippines

    by boat from Alona beach. Pamilacan island is often combined with Snake island. A very overfished site, that has no fishlife over 20 cm. Many divecenters dont go there anymore because of the lack of fish. Not a very interesting dive anymore.

    Panagsama Beach Moalboal, Philippines

    Dive site in in front of the two warfs and the jetty.

    Pangalisang Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Panggulingan Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sanndy slope with large rocks and coral formations. Often very strong current with possible downward currents. Many whip corals, soft corals and spounges as well as many big schools of fusiliers and banner fish. Occasionally you can see a very large school of black fin barracuda. Giant and big eye…

    Pantai Parigi Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Pantai Parigi is something different, this site has a healthy reef in the shallows, then a gentle white sand slope that is a good alternative to the predominantly black sand elsewhere along the strait. A superlative location for small Crustaceans, especially commensal species (commensalism is a…

    Parker Cebu, Philippines

    Pasir Kerangi Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    Artificial Reef made of PVC pipes anchored on sand in 1991.
    Vietnamesse wreck

    Pasir Tani Wreck / Vietnamese Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

    One of the more popular diving sites, known as the Vietnamese Shipwreck, it's is located at the southwestern side of Pulau Perhentian Kecil.Actually it is an American landing craft which sank in 1976. Nowadays divers can find half of a steel landing craft while the location of the other half of the…

    Pasir Tengah Atoll Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Ped Nusa Penida, Indonesia


    Pemuteran house reef Pemuteran, Indonesia

    This is a great dive site for underwater photographers that wish to shoot the colorful Mandarin dragonets. Best for this is just before sunset, in late afternoon.

    Penida Bay Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Moalboal Bay Moalboal, Philippines

    This is a great muck dive in shallow water (max 4 m) which is best reached by boat. This is a great site to find fish species found on no other sites around Moalboal. Night dives are especially good for exploring the sandy bottom andoccasionalcoral outcrops.Expect to find start gazers, porcupine…

    Petchbury Bremen wreck Pattaya, Thailand

    The 60m steel freighter Petchbury Bremen sank in 1930 (a fire broke out in the midships engine room, and the vessel exploded). She lies upright in 60m of water. A very damaged wreck.

    Peter's mound Leyte, Philippines

    Good site to meet large pelagics.

    Pink Wall Puerto Galera, Philippines

    An overhang which, when dived on the correct tide, is perfect for novices and photographers. Surface conditions can be a little rough. Good night dive.

    Pinnacle II Johor, Malaysia

    Cleaning station for Bat fishes, you'll encounter a lot of them

    Pioneer Wreck Malapascua, Philippines

    Torch is strongly recommended, as well as a serious deep dive experience! Because it is so deep, this Japanese World War II wreck is still in great condition. It was a gunboat in the war, and as you descend, you will see the guns pointing upwards towards you! It is about 60m long, in the upright…

    Pos 1 Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Pos 2 Menjangan island, Indonesia

    Great wall with large gorgonians (the biggest of the area!).

    Prince John Housereef Donggala, Indonesia

    Pulau Babi Tengah Johor, Malaysia

    This dive site is into the marine park, and you can find some leatherback turtles in july!

    Pulau Belambangan Pulau Belambangan, Indonesia

    Exploration diving! Untoughed reefs - great coral and many turtles.

    Pulau Chebeh Pahang, Malaysia


    Pulau Chebeh SouthEast Pahang, Malaysia

    Great white gorgonians and sea fans. Also seen : Stingrays, Napoleon wrasse, two turtles and a goatfish.

    Pulau Ekor Tebu Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    There is an exquisite array of hard corals at this site, all jostling for that optimum light capturing position on the reef. There are blue corals, soft leather corals and some large clams to be found here. The northeast tip of the island comprises mainly of large boulders dropping down to 24 meters…

    Pulau Labas Pahang, Malaysia

    Reef fish shoals among volcanic rocks.Note: The small skeleton wreck on the northwest side is not really interesting.

    Pulau Lima Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    A research study in 1976 found Pulau Lima and its associated sea mounts as perhaps the most valuable entity within the Redang marine park as the reefs around this islet represented all environments found elsewhere in Redang, thereby providing a miniaturized view of the entire park's marine…

    Pulau Ling Pulau Redang, Malaysia

    This small island is best known for two massive coral heads which are said to be the largest off the Malay Peninsular. The larger of the mammouth Porites measures around 25 meters across at its base circumference. They are both over a hundred years old and the small caves around the bottom attract…

    Pulau Nyireh Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Great dive site for novice and snorkelers. Schools of barracuda and tuna, groupers, rays, and all the tropical marine life.