South East Asia

    Gorango Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Wall with many cracks and canyons. Reef flat exposed to waves adn currents (Beware of strong currents). There is huge massive corals. Typical reef life can be seen as well as schools of bumphead parrotfish and napoleon wrasse.

    Gorgonia wall Bohol, Philippines

    Great wall with big Gorgonians. Small caves and overhangings.

    Gorgonian forest Layang Layang, Malaysia

    A wall from 15m to 40m with gorgonians, jacks, and various sharks including hammerhead sharks...

    Grassland Puerto Galera, Philippines


    GT Rock Triton Bay, Indonesia

    GT Rock (GT stand for giant trevally)is a divesite in the Triton Bay, Irian Jaya.Diving is around a rock island.The quality of the diving at this site can vary a lot depending on the current. If there is enough current the is plenty of big fish (including giant trevallys).If there is no current the…

    Gua Rajawali Pulau Tenggol, Malaysia

    Lots of suspended sediments made us work a little harder when the visibility dropped to about 5m at any time. This site is similar to the coral garden and is thickly blanketed with soft and hard corals alike and plenty of starfishes and even tennis sponges lay at the bottom and in between rocks. A…

    Habagat Wreck Bohol, Philippines

    Habagat Wreck dive site at Danao Beach off Panglao Island in Bohol, being rated as an easy dive, is ideal for snorkeling. At only a depth of 8 to 12 meters this Bohol diving site reveals interesting cardinal, lion, and bat fish. Further down the steep slope, at 35 meters, a boat wreck appears, which…

    Hadsan Cebu, Philippines

    Hanging Gardens Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

    cracks, black coral, barrel sponges and some tiny sea slugs.

    Heaven's gate Leyte, Philippines

    Steep slope with sponges, soft corals and anemones. This is a fantastic coral garden with a lot of fishs.

    Helmuth Reef Roxas, Philippines

    Tagbao Island (Miniloc) El Nido, Philippines

    Off the northwest point of Miniloc, this tiny island is also known locally as Tres Marias in reference to the three reefs that lie between the two islands. As it's shallow here, snorkeling is good and beginner divers can expect to see lots of reef fish, colourful corals and painted crayfish.

    Hideaway Bay Koh Similan, Thailand

    Situated off the south east of the Koh Miang Song, island #5, it features wire corals and sea fans cover the granite boulders of the seabed at 30m, where large stingrays are to be found. The shallower depths have hard corals, and many varities of reef fish. Batfish are common. Drift diving is…

    Hilutungan Island Cebu, Philippines

    This is the best dive of Mactan area. Don't miss it!

    Hin Bai Koh Samui, Thailand

    Nice black corals along the drop-off. We dive the underwater cheminey (entrance is approx 19m deep, top near 5m deep) on the northwest side.

    Hin Kop Koh Surin, Thailand

    The shoal is few meters northwest from the rock, top is approx 5m deep.

    Hin Muang Koh Lanta, Thailand

    This dive site has many times been listed as one of the top ten dive sites in the world. It's situated about 30 nautical miles off Koh Lanta and with its diverse and abundant marine life, you are sure not to be disappointed.Located only 500 metres away from Hin Daeng, dive centers usually offer a…

    Hin Phae Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

    Sand and corals. Some blacktip reef sharks may be seen here by snorkelers.

    Hin Pratumba Koh Surin, Thailand

    Hin Yippon Koh Samui, Thailand

    I saw here my first sea snake! Unforgettable.

    Hinukilan Island Leyte, Philippines

    There is almost 5 dive sites around the Island, but this is forbidden to dive here as this island has become a marine sanctuary. This is a good dive site for snorkelling.

    House Reef Leyte, Philippines

    Good night dive spot. Turtlesn cuttle fish (night) and a lot of sea slugs and shrimps.

    House Reef Pulau Tiga, Malaysia

    House reef Langkawi, Malaysia

    The most visited site at Pulau Payar is the House Reef. A sandy bay that houses the entire facility of the Marine Park center is in fact the center of attraction for most tourist visiting this island. A fringing reef consist of scattered coral heads is located just fifty meters from shore.

    House Reef Pulau Mabul, Malaysia

    Muck dive, looking for camouflaged creatures: Seahorses, Ghost pipefish, leaf fish etc.

    House Reef Wakatobi, Indonesia

    House Reef North Roxas, Philippines

    House Reef West Roxas, Philippines

    Is one of the two house reefs of Coco Loco

    HTMS Khram Pattaya, Thailand

    Donated by the Thai Navy, and sunk on 30 January 2003 to provide an artificial reef, the ship lies between the depths of 15-30m. The HTMS Khram is teeming with marine life, large schools of Barracudas, Bat Fish, Jacks, Scorpion Fish, shrimps and crab. The soft corals are spectacular and the surface…

    HTMS Kood Pattaya, Thailand

    The sister ship of the HTMS Khram, also donated by the Thai Navy, sunk to create an artificial reef on 17 September 2006 in honor of the King of Thailand's 60th year on the throne. Although the Kood is pretty much identical to the Khram it offers a much more challenging dive site. The thai navy in…

    HTMS Thonburi Wreck Koh Chang, Thailand

    The HTMS Thonburi was a 77.5m long Thai warship vessel. It was sunk by the French in January 1941.Shallow water, poor viz and currents!

    HTMS Thonburi Wreck Koh Chang, Thailand

    The HTMS Thonburi was a 77.5m long Thai warship vessel. It was sunk by the French in January 1941.Shallow water, poor viz and currents!

    Hukurila Canyon Ambon Bay, Indonesia

    Hukurila Canyon is a site on the sout coast of Ambon.The dive starts through a canyon which ends in a nice big cave with nice fans, coral and sponges. After the canyon and the cave the dive continues with a wall.In terms of landscape this is IMHO the nicest site on the south coast.

    Ina's Place Puerto Princesa, Philippines

    ideal place for check dive

    Indonor Wreck Central Java, Indonesia

    This boat sunk on February 7, 1960. a more than 30 meters long and 12 meters height of steel ship.Kapal Indonor tenggelam di kepulauan Karimunjawa, Indonesia pada tanggal 7 Pebruari 1960 saat berlayar dari Palembang dengan tujuan Surabaya mengangkut batubara.

    Isla Reta Davao, Philippines

    Jalan Masuk Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Very wide and beautiful reef flat populated with hard corals, ending in a wall in a large step. Often very strong currents. Easy to encounter bluespotted stingrays, trevally and schools of bumphead parrotfish.

    Jangka Point Nusa Penida, Indonesia

    Gradual slope with good corals.

    Jellyfish Lake Kakaban, Indonesia

    In the middle ofthis island there is a mangrove fringed lake, slightly above sea level,where thousandsof non-stinging jellyfish live. The jellyfish consist of fourdifferent species.They are non stinging, having lost their natural defense systembecause of thelack of major predators in the lake. This…

    Jessie Beazley North End Tubbataha, Philippines

    Gradual slopes are rich in corals. There is also a drop-off which is undercut, giving the reef the overall shape of a mushroom. Shark sighting is guaranteed on any dive, with barracuda and Spanish mackerel as common visitors. Currents in the area can change direction within minutes.